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Busko Sulphide Soap Dr Duda

Busko Sulphide Soap Dr Duda

For washing hands, face and the entire body.

  • gently cleanses the skin, moisturises, nourishes, softens and smoothens the skin of hands and body;
  • protects the skin against excessive drying, ensures hygienic cleanliness and full refreshment;
  • improves micro-circulation in the skin, intensively regenerates and increases its elasticity;
  • neutralizes unpleasant kitchen odours on the hands after preparing meals, leaves the skin mildly fragrant.

wet your hands, apply a small amount of soap and massage gently into your hands, rinse your hands with clean water. Shake well before use.

Active substances:
Busko mineral sulphide water, vegetable glycerine, lavender and rosemary oils.

HYPOALERGIC ‘PELOID SALINE GEL’ (Dr Duda) based on water decoction made from ‘BOROWINOWA KOSTKA IWONICZNA’ (‘Iwonicz Peloid Cube’), natural material applied in spa treatment for ages.

Massage with ‘PELOID SALINE GEL’ (Dr Duda) helps and facilitates each kind of skin massage; it prevents from thread vein problems of the skin, inhibits the skin ageing process, prevents bedsores, regenerates damaged and sagging skin, eliminates cellulite symptoms, strengthens and stimulates the natural vitality of the skin, especially dry and extremely peeling-off.

Massage with ‘PELOID SALINE GEL’ (Dr Duda) is part of is part of ‘FOUR-STEP PSORIATIC SKIN CARE PROGRAM by Dr Duda’ (STEP No 1)