Peat shower gel

Hydration, nutrition, firmness.


For all skin types. Especially recommended for dry and sensitive skin with reduced firmness.

Peat shower gel is based on natural ingredients and is intended to wash and care for the whole body, for all skin types, with a focus on dry and sensitive skin with reduced firmness. It makes skin slightly acidic, physiological reaction, repairing and restoring its natural hydrolipid mantle.

Peat shower gel due to natural ingredients, mainly peat, gently cleanses and moisturises the skin, stimulates metabolism and energy processes of cells, which in turn stimulates the biosynthesis of collagen responsible for skin elasticity.

Apply peat shower gel on the moistened body and massage in circular motion upwards, then rinse with water, and to enhance the effect of improving the condition of the skin, you can also use Dr Duda “Peat-brine gel” to lubricate and massage the body.