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Busko sulphide cream Dr Duda

Busko sulphide cream Dr Duda

‘Busko Sulphide Cream™ with Vit. A+E’ (Dr Duda)

Do pielęgnacji skóry wysuszonej, nadmiernie złuszczającej się, wrażliwej, zmęczonej, atroficznej, z tendencją do przebarwień.

‘Busko Sulphide Cream with Vit. A+E™ (Dr Duda) is a multifunctional spa cosmetic meeting almost all the skin needs, especially:

– it provides intensive, profound, radical and long-lasting moisturising to dry and very desiccated skin,

  • – it softens, smooths, tones up and firms the skin and makes it more elastic as well as provides indispensable natural mineral nutrients,
  • – it provides care to sensitive skin with tendency to excessive skin peeling-off (e.g. with symptoms of psoriasis, dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, etc.)
  • – it visibly improves the condition of tired skin and restores its healthy glow, it acts as an antioxidant towards skin lipids, it prevents against its photoaging
  • it provides care to atrophic skin (the so-called ‘smoker’s skin’), with a tendency to discolourations, it improves its blood supply, strengthens capillaries and prevents their bursting.

‘Busko Sulphide Cream™ with Vit. A+E’ (Dr Duda) ensures a profound and long-lasting skin moisture as well as gives a sense of full comfort. It secures the skin from the loss of natural moisture  and the right moisturising stands for beautiful and healthy complexion. Contained in the cream, the sulphide water from the source ‘Zuzanna’ Las Winiarski, in the vicinity of Busko Zdrój, together with minerals and the other plant nutrients  (aloe, jojoba, evening primrose, rose and lavender oils) as well as vitamin A+E and glycerine make a very actively moisturising complex, holding the natural moisture of the skin as well as strengthening and nourishing it.

Przechowywać w temperaturze poniżej 30°C.

Dostępne w opakowaniach 50g