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Acne skin care gel

Oil-free mineral care hydrogel for the skin with tendency to seborrhea and acne.

  1. ‘ACNE-MINERAL’ Gel (Dr Duda), thanks to its sulphide-sulphide hydrogen salty mineral water content from the source ‘Zuzanna’ Las Winiarski, in the vicinity of Busko-Zdrój, and iodine-bromine-calcium-magnesium brine shows the effects and application:
    a) keratolytic, keratoplastic and anti-inflammatory effects on the acne skin,
    b) results in the resorption of inflammatory soci (acne efflorescences) and improved skin nutrition and look,
    c) decreases the hypersecretion of sebum and eliminates the oily skin look, it shows a tightening and drying effect, decreasing skin redness. It does not cause local irritations,
    d) leaves no oily spots on the skin, gives a pleasant refreshing antipruritic and cooling effect on the skin.
  2. With such properties, ‘ACNE-MINERAL’ Gel (Dr Duda) is a spa cosmetic enhancing the  pharmacological treatments of various clinical acne forms, especially its mild form (first-phase juvenile acne) and a care cosmetic for oily and mixed skin.

Mechanism of ‘ACNE- MINERAL’ (Dr Duda) hydrogel caring effect for juvenile acne comes from the presence of  sulphide-sulphide hydrogen salty mineral water from the source ‘Zuzanna’Las Winiarski, in the vicinity of Busko-Zdrój, and Iodine-bromine-calcium-magnesium  brine, the minerals of which show a synergistic effect acting  multidirectionally on acne efflorescences and the skin. Contained in sulphide water from the ‘Zuzanna’ spring, dinegative sulphur (sulphides, hydrosulphides) demonstrates the keratolytic effect on acne efflorescences by separating keratinocytes and epidermolysis. Together with the other ingredients of hydrogel, ‘ACNE-MINERAL’ (Dr Duda) skin-deep and superficial cleansing of (peeling) acne efflorescences. Affecting the epidermic cells, sulphides  and hydrosulphides finally normalize the acne keratosis. After a dozen or so treatments with that hydrogel, there is observed a gradual brightening of post-inflammatory discolourations, seborrheic dermatitis and improved general look of the skin.
Both in sulphide water and in the salty water there occur the ions of iodine, potassium, sodium, bromine, chlorides, magnesium and calcium, which, after a few hydrogel rubbing,  create a thin ‘saline coat’ on the skin by stimulating the used-out layers of epidermis  and dilating blood vessels.

Whereas changes in the local blood supply enhance the inflammatory foci (acne efflorescences); hence the improvement in the tissue nutrition conditions and resorption of inflammatory foci.
One shall also note that the ‘ACNE-MINERAL’ (Dr Duda) hydrogel care much depends on the essential role of magnesium and calcium ions. Magnesium is the key nutrient of many natural carriers of mineral nutrients today commonly used in cosmetology; it regulates energy transformations in the cell. As for magnesium salts, there was observed a general improvement of the look of the skin as well as positive effects in seborrhoea and acne skin. Considering calcium ions, one shall mention that many biochemical and physiological processes originate by introducing them to the cell or by releasing them. In cosmetology calcium ions can be used due to their anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory effects.
The effect of divalent calcium and magnesium cations in cosmetology also involves their forming, on the skin surface, insoluble divalent soaps which, combining with fats found on the facial skin, prevent the penetration of toxins and bacteria.

Przechowywać w temperaturze poniżej 30°C.

Dostępne w opakowaniach 200g