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Sulphide gel Dr Duda

Sulphide gel Dr Duda

Na bazie buskiej wody mineralnej siarczkowej z ujęcia “Zuzanna” Las Winiarski

Sulphide gel for bath and aromatherapy – SPA

  • Application and functional testing of ‘Sulphide gel for bath and aromatherapy-SPA’ (Dr Duda) has confirmed the following properties:
    • It provides care to the excessively peeling-off, dry and keratinized skin which, at the same time, it deeply moisturises, nourishes, tones up and firms,
    • it also provides care to the skin of the entire body while having a shower, intensively moisturises it and leaves a pleasant sense of a smooth and soft skin,
    • it inhibits skin ageing processes,
    • it eliminates and prevents cellulite and dermatitis (it supports pharmacological treatment),
    • it enhances weight loss,
    • it strengthens blood vessels walls, alleviates skin irritations and itching,
    • it eliminates or decreases an excessive body sweatiness and provides care to the skin of aching and tired limbs,

    it gives a sense of calmness, relaxation and freshness.

Hypoalergic gel for bath and aromatherapy based on sulphide-sulphide hydrogen salty mineral water from the source ‘Zuzanna’ Las Winiarski, in the vicinity of Busko-Zdrój. It is meant for treatments at home, relaxing and providing care; the baths for the excessively peeling-off skin, dry and keratinized, inhibit skin ageing processes, eliminate and prevent cellulite and dermatitis, strengthen the blood vessels walls, alleviate skin irritations and itching, help weight loss, give a sense of relaxation and freshness, increase the blood supply to the skin, which facilitates the exchange of bioelements from brine and sulphide water and the body (toxins leave the body and micro- and macroelements, while sulphides get absorbed).

Przechowywać w temperaturze poniżej 30°C.

Dostępne w opakowaniach 500 i 1000g