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PETROSTEROL conditioner Dr Duda

PETROSTEROL conditioner Dr Duda

conditioner for scalp and hair care

Do stałej pielęgnacji włosów i odżywiania skóry głowy.

‘PETROSTEROL’  scalp and hair care conditioner (Dr Duda), thanks to the interaction of cosmetic kerosene, castor oil, cholesterol, thyme and rosemary oils:

  • carefully cleans the scalp from all kinds of impurities,
  • recovers the right physiological sebum secretion,
  • effectively inhibits scalp exfoliation,
  • reduces skin redness and itching,
  • improves and stimulates blood circulation in capillaries in the papilla-root system of the scalp where hair grows and where weak hair gets stronger,
  • strengthens, regenerates and nourishes damaged, dry and breaking hair, weakened with frequent hair-styling practises, and the hair in need of immediate strengthening
  • throughout the scalp massage, it moisturises the scalp and the hair which becomes light, bouncy, strong and shiny as well as less sensitive to hormonal effects and unfavourable weather conditions,
  • it prevents hair picking-up static and helps comb-through and styling,
  • it shows a very good tolerance, which was confirmed by dermatological and application testing (a lack of alergization reactions and irritations), thanks to which it can be applied as long as need be,
  • it is part of ‘PSORIATIC SCALP CARE PROGRAM’ by Dr Duda.

PETROSTEROL conditioner (Dr Duda) is a unique gel-lotion, including natural pharmaceutical and vegetable materials with an essential effect on the scalp and hair health and which ideally cooperate towards such goal, thus ensuring a careful scalp cleansing from all the impurities, recovering the right sebum secretion and are a very successful inhibitor of scalp exfoliation, reduce skin redness and itching, help and stimulate blood circulation in capillaries in the scalp papilla-root system, where hair grows and weak hair gets stronger, strengthen, regenerate and excellently nourish damaged, dry and brittle hair, weakened by frequent hair-styling practises and requiring an immediate strengthening, due to a gentle massage with Petrosterol gel-lotion, the scalp and hair get moisturised and thus light, bouncy, strong and shiny as well as less sensitive to hormonal effects and unfavourable weather

factors, prevent hair picking-up static, facilitate its comb-through and styling.

PETROSTEROL Conditioner ideally cooperates with Mineral Spa Shampoo with Biosulphur-SPA (Dr Duda).

Przechowywać w temperaturze poniżej 30°C.

Dostępne w opakowaniach 200g