Peat body peeling

Peat body peeling


Micro-exfoliating peat peeling – with the content of ground olive shells gives the skin a favourable, slightly acid physiological reaction. Deeply cleanses by removing dead skin cells, stimulates metabolism and energy processes of the epidermis. Thanks to the presence of ingredients of natural origin that interact penetrating each other with their biological properties, the skin becomes smooth, moisturised, nourished and firmed.

It is a perfect complement to skincare routine in the fight against cellulite (orange skin). Especially recommended for impure skin with dried and flaky epidermis and with reduced firmness.

Thanks to its delicate and light texture, it can also be used to cleanse the face.

Sulphide Water Care Treatment for acne lesions:

Sulphide waters have a strong keratolytic activity consisting in dissolving epidermal protein structures (keratin proteins).

This exfoliation unblocks hair follicle ostia, where blackheads form. This function of SULPHIDE WATER regulates the processes of keratosis of the skin within the sebaceous glands, thus reducing blackheads and eliminating acne inflammatory eruptions. Usage:

Apply Peat Peeling on a wet body and massage in a circular motion upwards, then rinse with water. In order to enhance the effect of improving the condition of the skin, wash the body with a Peat shower gel “Dr Duda.”