Acne-Mineral Cream

Dr Duda Acne-Mineral Cream Premium Series ACNEKOSMETICS is an excellent way to care for acne skin of all ages, which reduces the tendency to acne lesions.

Dr Duda’s acne cosmetics are a combination of selected tea tree oils, baobab seeds, evening primrose, sweet almonds, lavender and, above all, Sulphide Water. Selected bottle with an airless pouch-pump – Ecosolution TM:


As a result, the cream is not in contact with the external environment, which ensures its microbiological purity, the PE+PP pump is free of metal parts, which protects the product formula. The pouch reduces its volume during the suction of the cream, which makes it always fresh and safe, and enables you to enjoy its beneficial effects on your skin every day!

Reduces the number of blackheads and clumps (the so-called blemish) by unblocking skin pores. Clearly reduces seborrhoea and skin shine as well as irritation and redness. After-acne lesions (e.g. scars and discolorations) are eliminated and smoothed. There is a visible improvement in the appearance and condition of the skin (its elasticity and firmness).

Apply a small amount of the cream on the spots or on a larger area of the skin with acne lesions twice a day and gently pat or massage with your fingertips. Before applying, wash your face with water and a mild cleansing liquid, e.g. Acne – Mineral Dr Duda Acne Cleansing Gel.

Active substances:
Busko mineral sulphide water, natural baobab oil, lavender oil, moringa oil, evening primrose oil, sweet almond oil, iodide-bromide-calcium-magnesium salt, natural tea tree oil.

Sulphide Water Care Treatment for acne lesions:
Sulphide waters have a strong keratolytic activity consisting in dissolving epidermal protein structures (keratin proteins).
This peeling unblocks hair follicle ostia, where blackheads form. The above action of SULPHIDE WATER regulates processes of keratosis of the skin within the sebaceous gland ostia; thus, reducing blackheads and eliminating acne inflammatory lesions.

SULPHIDE HEALTH COSMETICS (Dr Duda) benefit from sulphides and micro- and macro-elements’ action on the skin surface, thanks to which:
• they soften and gently exfoliate the skin, which makes it soft and supple,
• they have care and regenerative properties, which is why they work very well for dry or calloused and excessively exfoliating skin,
• they act as a natural peeling from the moment the skin comes in contact with the sulphide water contained in the sulphide cosmetics, because the epidermis is then gently exfoliated, which is followed by stimulation of its renewal processes, thanks to which the skin is moisturised, nourished and firmed,
• sulphide and peat-brine cosmetics during massage and auto-massage stimulate microcirculation, cause better blood circulation and stimulate skin metabolism.

“Dr Duda” brand spa cosmetics have always been created with the participation of dermatologists, cosmetologists and pharmacists and in many cases solve difficult skin care problems.
Regular use of cosmetics and creams based on sulphide water:
• reduces wrinkles and prevents the formation of new ones,
• improves the overall condition of the skin and increases its elasticity,
• brightens the complexion, reduces blemishes, whitens stains and freckles,
• reduces pores and reduces acne scars.
Try Dr Duda cosmetics and enjoy youth for longer…

What is the secret of “Dr Duda” Sulphide Cosmetics?
Source “Zuzanna” Winiarski Forest near Busko-Zdrój provides highly mineralized water with a high content of hydrogen sulphide (45 mg/l) and hydrogen sulphide ions (2.2 mg/l), as well as rich in potassium, sodium, magnesium and calcium cations and in sulphate, bromine and chlorine anions. This composition of water has a positive effect on the regenerative processes of the body, while baths in sulphide water have anti-inflammatory properties, improving, among others, joint mobility, reducing swelling and rheumatic pains.
However, the real secret of hydro-sulphide waters is their ability to stimulate the body’s production of glutathione.